• Why Rent?

    Great for Corporate Functions, Red Carpet Galas, VIP Rooms, Concerts &

    Outdoor Events, Movie Premieres, Weddings, Banquets & Conventions.. Just to name a few!


    BarSmart.Systems Portable automated controlled liquor, beer & wine dispensing unit makes it easy for any person to mix & pour a cocktail, guiding you on exactly how & what to use when garnishing a drink without a

    bartender present. The capacity of our Portable rental unit can dispense up to 48 liquors/mixers. Simply-BarSmart.Systems can pour a single shot or cocktails of up to seven ingredients that dispense simultaneously at the touch of a button. How Fast Is our System? -Our unit is capable of pouring 28 one-ounce drinks per minute! This includes cocktails, long pours, & regular pours. Not only are you saving time at the bar, the system also automatically inventories your liquor costs. By optimizing the speed at which you put a drink into the customer’s hand, you increase your potential for multiple orders by a single patron. Fully self contained, no need for waist & fresh water its all within the unit. (1) 110V outlet needed to power our unit.


    Short term rentals & long term leases available.  

  • Why Purchase?

    A perfect pour every time, select your shot size -Pours within 1/20th of an ounce. Pour signal shots with a signal mixer. Customize your specialty cocktail to exact recipes. Consistency & quality of drink time after time. Integrates to all major POS or PMS systems.


    Portable units can be set up & tore down in minutes only requiring an outlet of 110 V

    Saves on labor, Reduces shrinkage & or theft

    Industry standard 30% loss with free pours, our system brings the percentage down to roughly 4% due to pouring of the wrong drink. What is the difference between pouring a drink with & without the BarSmart Automated system? - Cocktails are poured at the touch of a single button, our system is faster, it eliminates bartenders’ temptation to over pour, it pours a perfect portion every time, it provides instant brand and inventory accountability.

    Able to provide reports of who, what & when cocktails were poured. Pours up to 64 liquors. Endless amounts of cocktails programmed within our system. 

    Our portable footprint is 2'x4'x42" If installed as a modular we take up a very small footprint within your existing bar, overall dimensions of 16" high x 6" wide & 8" deep. Full 2 year parts & labor warrantee. Serviced across the U.S.A. Portable units shipped within 24 hours. 

  • Customize Your Bar..

    BarSmart.Systems -Manufacturing  each & every unit by hand. Customized & Specked

    to your every need, Any shape or size, Portable units or built-ins. Recreational vehicles or Yachts. Custom paint & branding!

    We at BarSmart.Systems strive to create your dream bar, if you can think it we can build it! From concept to design, building top quality automated beverage control.  

    Short term rentals & long term leases available $375.00 to $850.00 per month. 


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350 S. Rampart Blvd. #150
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